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Boost results, optimize resources and improve processes in aquaculture, wastewater, mining and agriculture. With Nanoox’s innovative technology, transform your industry while caring for the environment.

Discover the power of Nanobubbles and how they can benefit your industry

Nanobubbles are gas nanoparticles (O2, O3, CO2, among others) in aqueous solutions, with a size of less than 200 nm. In the case of Nanoox Nanobubbles, they have a size between 75 to 150 nm, with an average of 123 nm and a mode of 88 nm.

Each ml of water generated through our Nanoox equipment contains around 520 million nanobubbles, ready to deliver their full potential and meet the needs of every industry.

These tiny wonders can transform your industries. At Nanoox, we have perfected nanobubble technology to bring you unparalleled results with unmatched performance and amazing benefits.

Services and solutions

At Nanoox we offer customized services and solutions helping to optimize processes and achieve exceptional results. We focus on providing oxygenation solutions to diverse industries, including:


Improves water quality, maximizes fish growth and reduces costs.



Increases nutrient uptake by plants and reduces the use of chemicals.



Treatment of liquid industrial waste to reduce environmental impact.



Mineral flotation, soil remediation and dust control.


Benefits for your industry

Discover the unparalleled benefits that Nanoox nanobubbles offer to your industry:


Promotes the conservation of natural resources and social responsibility in the industry.


Increases the efficient transfer of gases and optimizes the strategic use of natural resources.


Optimizes processes, reduces operating costs and maximizes efficiency.

Talk to our experts and boost your industry with Nanoox nanobubbles.

At Nanoox we offer customized services and tailored solutions for every industry, helping you to optimize your processes and achieve exceptional results. Our experts are ready to advise you and find the best solution for your industry.

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